Website Consulting for Real Estate Agents


Pay by the Hour

Web Design and Web Marketing by the Hour More and more large businesses are handing down website management to local offices and employees.

• Real Estate Agents
• Financial Advisors
• Mortgage Brokers
• Insurance Agents
• Doctors

...and the list goes on. Also, build-it-yourself website templates are becoming more common, but like so many other things in life, with websites, you get what you pay for. You can probably spot a template website the same way you can pick a Word document out from a group of professionally designed documents.

We can help do-it-yourself webmasters in a variety of ways. We can clean up your design and layout, or help you add objects to your pages like forms and custom designed images. We can give you ideas for what to add to your website, or help you beat the guy down the hall who gets the most website visitors. We love this work because with only a few adjustments we can help separate these template sites from the competition.

Think of your friend who burns himself out every year doing his or her own taxes. He or she may think they are saving money, when an accountant could easily pay for itself and more by finding write-offs he or she would have missed. Give us a call to talk about your consulting needs. We won't charge you for the phone conversation and we can make in person visits if you are in the Philadelphia area.